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Amy J. Schneider - Copyeditor and Proofreader

Hi, I’m Amy J. Schneider. Like many copyeditors, I’ve been in love with words and type ever since I learned to read. In college, I dabbled in computer science for a bit before settling on a major in graphic art, with an emphasis in typography. After graduation, I worked in the pre-press department of a printing company, doing film assembly (it was the early 1990s, after all!) and making and inspecting plates and press proofs. But after several years I decided that I wanted to work for myself, and I returned to my love of language—basically the other end of the print production process. I took some courses, garnered some clients, and got started working on college textbooks and romance novels (an interesting combination, to be sure!). Among other things, I’ve also worked on a fair number of cookbooks, both using and developing my culinary knowledge.

Over the years, the balance of my work has moved away from textbooks toward other, shorter nonfiction projects: computer tutorials, scholarly books for university presses, self-help books, and memoirs. My body of fiction copyediting work has developed to include series fiction and several best-selling authors. Nothing pleases me more than when an author specifically asks for me to copyedit his or her next book. And along with my growing experience in copyediting fiction, I have begun giving presentations and writing articles on the art of fiction copyediting, in order to provide professional development for my colleagues as well as to sharpen my own skills. Attending professional conferences and meeting up with friends and colleagues old and new has been a wonderful experience. I love freelancing and I intend to continue indefinitely.

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So what do I do when I’m “off the clock”? Well, I used to be an avid pleasure reader (perhaps obviously), and though I still love a good book, I like to spend my off time away from the desk, up and about, moving around! I’ve been an avid runner since I lost 75 pounds in 2009–2010; I’ve completed several marathons, a few dozen half marathons, and numerous shorter races over the years, and made lots of wonderful friends in the running community. I love to sing—lead or harmony, in private or in public, a cappella or with a band—and do so whenever I get the chance. My husband and I have lived in rural central Wisconsin for more than twenty years, and we are currently raising and training our third generation of English springer spaniels, the breed we love best. I keep busy, but I also have a lot of fun!


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