Why Featherschneider?


People often ask where my business name came from. I have my sister to thank for it! Shortly after I married my husband (whose surname is Featherston), she started addressing mail to us as “The Featherschneiders.” We liked the whimsical sound of it, and we started using it informally to label our potluck dishes, on invitations, in our friend’s store database, and so on. People sometimes think it’s actually our surname!

Later, when I needed a unique name for my freelance business, there it was: unique and memorable, and providing a nod to my husband’s support over the years. And, as one of my online colleagues pointed out, it’s perfect for someone who works as an editor: “Feather” represents a quill pen, or writing implement, and “Schneider” (as I knew, of course) is the German word for “tailor.” I tailor people’s writing. Could it get much better than that?